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Pet TotesThere are a variety of types of pet carriers, and one of the newest trends is pet totes (also known as totes). Thanks to Paris Hilton and other celebrities who have begun carrying the little pets around in bags on a regular basis, it has become a national trend.

Some of the newest pet totes are very stylish, appearing as handbags or even small purses (these are usually for the smallest of pets). Often, a pet carrier bag will even have a place to keep treats for the pet.

Pet totes can be found in nearly every color possible, with a variety of designs. Some play on the fact that it is a pet carrier bag, and actually have a picture of a dog’s silhouette on the face of it (the body usually stops at the neck, where the real dog’s head pokes out of the edge of the bag). Some are very stylish with sequins and designs on them to appear as if they are a purse. Actually, it is nearly impossible to know that these are pet totes until you see the animal stick his head out of it (or hear him bark).

Some pet totes look less like small purses, and more like large handbags. Yet another type of pet carrier bag is the kind that looks more like a duffel bag. These are often more roomy for the animal than the smaller versions and can hold a slightly larger pet. They are still very stylish, though, and just as with the smaller purse-type pet totes, it is really hard to know that this is what it is until you see the animal.

Pet totes have a variety of duties, namely carrying the pet. But, what sets these apart from traditional pet carriers are two main points:

• They are easier to manage: being smaller and more lightweight makes pet totes much more appealing to most people. Since they are so much easier, this means that they will actually get a lot more use than traditional pet carriers, which makes them worth the extra expense to many people. The size that makes them easier to carry also makes them easier to store. Instead of taking up closet space with a huge pet carrier, one can simply hang it on the purse rack.

• They look better: since people tend to not want to tote around a large plastic blue box with holes in it, they often use traditional pet carriers only when necessary. When people have a choice of carrying around a big attention-drawing box or slinging a purse-looking bag over their shoulder (that is often very cute), they will usually pick the latter.

The benefits that pet totes offer, though, come with some drawbacks. One of the most obvious is that these can only be used with small breeds of animals. The other is that pet totes don’t come cheap. It is not uncommon to find a stylish one for over two hundred dollars at a pet store or department store. But, the popularity in pricy pet totes attests to the fact that many people think they are worth it.

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