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Top Ten Reasons to Get A Dog:

10. Automatic vacuum cleaner and dish washer! Your helpful canine will always be willing to lick every surface clean, so you don’t have to. Whether you drop your bite of chicken onto the dining room floor, leave extra crumbs on the counter, or just don’t feel like washing your plate—call for Fido—he never fails to satisfy!

9. Watchdog and dependable doorbell. Think about it, you’ll always know exactly when anything—from a pigeon to the weekly dump truck-- comes within a hundred yards of your house! And not to mention passersby. Now you’ll never have to guess whether neighbors are coming near your driveway or backyard bushes; your trusty doggie will sound the alarm.

8. Hairy backseat! Who wouldn’t want their car interior covered from top to bottom in attractive canine hair? I mean, it’s a great souvenir that everyone who rides with you can take with them afterwards! And it clings with almost as much companionable persistence as the dog itself!

7. Vet and vaccination bills to help balance out your budget. Hey, lets face it, we’ve all got to learn responsibility! It’s important to know how to take care of others, and give of your own monthly paycheck to ensure their health and wellbeing. So be glad that you have this opportunity to give back to the community!

6. Family time out in the backyard! Your canine may very well be the biggest reason you spend time out in the back. And you can enlist the whole family to partake in the lovely activities that are available! There’s cleaning up the doggie doo, playing tug of war with a wet slobbery rope, cleaning up the doggie doo, bathing His Majesty Furriness, and cleaning up the doggie doo!

5. Exercise. This is a big one, especially if you get a puppy. If you have a pretty close relationship with the living room couch right now, then it’s probably time to take a break and work some stuff out—like your hips and thighs! Dogs love to walk and run, and it’s important for their health and development so grab the leash and hit the pavement!

4. A set of excellent ears, and no voice box! Have a tough day at work? Well, your dog is always ready for a discussion—and he’ll let you do all the talking! Definitely one of the best listeners you’ll ever know.

3. Your own personal greeting every time you walk in the door! Those big happy paws planted on your legs may be the first thing you come into contact with after setting foot in your house. Enjoy that loving, slobbery kiss, and that welcome bark, because he’s been waiting to do that all day!

2. A warm spot on your lap. Even a +100lb rottweiler would love to curl up with you in the recliner if you’ll let him! Lather on the attention and you’ll receive the favor a hundred fold.

1. Companionship and a tail to lean on. It’s no lie that dogs are man’s best friend. Feel his warm, friendly eyes looking into yours, see that tail wag, feel his wet nose nudging your hand, and you’ll know—you couldn’t ask for a bigger heart, nor a more dependable fountain of unconditional love.

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